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Saiful Islam Sohel, CEO & Co-founder

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Saiful is an expert internet researcher and sourcer. He has worked with many start-up sales teams to help them with prospecting and researching services. At the time of working with these startups, he has seen that most of the start-up sales teams are actively looking for an easy and hassle-free prospecting service. From there he thought to provide a service to start-ups that will provide them a unique prospecting service to their sales team so they can spend more time on selling, not on prospecting and researching. So, he founded Salesfie with Shahadath to help salespeople to reduce the sales cycle and close more deals.

Saiful is an internet & tech savvy who likes to spend most of his time on his desk before his computer. He is also contributing to several online community sites by providing information about new technology and answering questions of people about their queries.


When he is not on his desk he likes books, chess, hangout with friends & family, photography, cricket, networking, movie. He likes to connect with new people,

Be sure to check out his personal blog Nirbodh. Read his latest post about getting Indian visa from Bangladesh in Bengali. 

Md. Shahadath Hossain, Chief Sourcer & Co-founder

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Shahadath is a master internet researcher & information finder. He is a real expert in finding information from the web whether it is about people or companies. He’s been working with several start-up SaaS companies to help their sales teams by filling their pipeline with good leads. He has hundreds of happy clients on online marketplaces like oDesk-Elance. By providing his high-quality service & great communication sill he has proven the immense value of outsourcing.

 Like Saiful, Shahadath also felt that he should find a solution to give start-up sales team better prospects to boost their sales. So, he’s been working with Saiful continuously to spread Salesfie to sales leaders. He has a portfolio where he showcases some of his freelancer project from the starting. He hasn’t updated it for awhile, check it out


Shahadath likes to read books, cricket, music, hangout, fishing, biking, photography.




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