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Working with Salesfie is super easy

We work with you to define the ideal customer that you'd like for us to prospect

We start researching on LinkedIn and other sources and build lists

You just receive your list to export to your app like ToutApp, Yesware or Crm.

Why Salesfie is Different

Save Your Time

With Salesfie you don’t need to do anything. You just receive the lists of prospects with high quality data and start outreaching. This saves 100% of your research time.

Know Your Customers

With Salesfie you know a lot more about every prospects. So, you can proactively reach out. Additional data will help you to make warm intros to a lead.

Close More Deals

Spend your time sending emails, scheduling appointments, making calls, not researching prospects. We pull together everything you need to know to do the initial outreach.

Customized Research

We research only for you. The data is not compiled and resold to you. We build each list from scratch. You can track the progress on Google spreadsheet to ensure it is being built only for you.

Best Leads & Data

We deliver data in best quality. We verify each pieces of data with their social media profiles and other sources to ensure the quality. We verify each email with best tools available.

Human Researched! No Scraping or Canned

The lists we build for you are completely researched by our savvy researchers which ensure verified & high quality data. No scraping or canned lists.