Tell me briefly what this service is all about?

Salesfie, researches leads and builds lists of prospects based on your criteria. It saves all your time that you spend on researching to fill your sales funnel with good leads.

How is Salesfie different than other list building software companies or data service providers?

Salesfie helps sales teams to accelerate their sales process by building accurate, up-to-date & targeted lists. Unlike other software or service that just make list from their canned sources with backdated & invalid data we build each list from scratch with accurate & up-to-date information. And the biggest solution is that you don’t need to spend a minute by yourself to get this list. You just give information we need at the beginning and we will do the rest. Like other services you don’t need to enter names, domains to get email or adding them to their tool by location them on the social media.

Why should I choose your service over a list of leads that I can buy?

Buying or renting lists are old fashioned sales method and it don’t work anymore depending on your industry. So if you are looking for a low cost solution and believe in quantity over quality then we’d prefer you look elsewhere. But if you’re interested in a better, more scalable solution for list building, you’ve come to the right place. Salesfie is here to save the all research time that a smart people spend to build list who believes in quality over quantity.

What’s included in a contact?

It includes all of the standard lead information you might need (e.g. name, title, email, address). But we can add other information if you need like social media profiles discussed before starting.

How long does it take for you to find and return lists to me?

It can vary based on your criteria and the number of contacts you want. Before starting we set up a schedule/timeline to deliver list regularly so you can use it accordingly.

Who are your Salesfies?

Salesfies are well trained and savvy internet researcher. They enjoy & love the work they do for you.

I have a team. How does Salesfie work with a team?

To provide your sales team with updated data in real time we work on Google Spreadsheet. So if you have multiple team members in your sales team then we will assign each sheet/tab for them by creating a master spreadsheet for your team. Or we can send updated lists periodically as you prefer.

How much feedback can I give the Salesfie team?

As much as you want! We do ask for your feedback with each update, but the Salesfie team appreciates any additional thoughts/ideas/suggestions at any time to get you the best results. We are always here to hear from you.

I need to clarify something else, what to do?

Just contact us using this quick form